Reference  to  the  inquiry  regarding  terms  and  conditions  of  Manpower  Supply  from  Thailand,
providing suitable employees for  work with your company, we attach herewith for your information
some facts relating to the recruitment of Thai workers for overseas employment.


When  your  company  are  desirous  of  using  our  company  for  recruiting Thai  manpower,  you  are
required firstly to appoint us as your agent in Thailand by issuing us the following documents:
1.  Power of Attorney
2.  Letter of Demand
3.  Employment Contract
4.  Recruitment Agreement
Documents  item  1-3  must  be  attested  by  Notary  public/Domestic  Court  in  the  country  of
employment, and final confirmation by Royal Thai Embassy.
On receipt of these documents, we will be able to submit Department of Employment for approval
to mobilize workers and apply for second approval for the selected workers, in order to dispat ch
them for overseas employment.


After the insertion of a suitable advertisement in the newspaper, applications received in response
thereto are recruited, and suitable candidates are called up for a preliminary interview. A suff icient
number  of  workers  of  each  category  will  then  be  short-listed,  depending  on  the  number  of
employees required, for final interview by your representatives.


All candidates, who are finally selected, will go through a medical test, which comprises a physical
examination, X-ray of chest, examination of Urine, Blood and Feces and report “FIT FOR WORK”.


Usually after all the candidates are called up for a preliminary interview, the ones who passed the
pre-screening by us, and will send them to apply passport at same time with Ministry of Foreign
Affairs. It takes 7 days for processing time.


The obtaining of entry visa for selected workers should be responsibility of the prospective
Employer, and all expenses connected with the obtaining of visas in Bangkok, such cost would be
borne by us. The period of visa processing will take normally 3-5 working days.


After we got the final confirmed from the Employer for dispatch schedule of workers, should be
informed 7 days before departure date, the reason is, we have to send telegram for gathering
together at our camp in Bangkok. Meantime at the final stage, Department of Employment will
demonstrate all terms and conditions of the employment contract to the departure workers, then
Department of Employment will issue a certificate of clearance (Jor.Gor.10), which is necessary to
submit Labor control at airport upon their departure.


Almost 100% of all candidates came from up-country, we need to receive final confirmation of
selection schedule in advance at least 15 days, in order we can locate and mobilize enough
workers, because it will take few days time to locate them by telegram, most of the applicants
came from North Eastern Part of Thailand, which consist of 16 provinces.


Before the workers departure from Bangkok, we will arrange all every workers to have an
Orientation Course at our Training school. The subject is initially indicate them to know and
understand the culture and tradition of the country of employment, the regulation of the Employer.
Anyway, these departure workers had already be orientated at the Labor Attached office upon
receiving the certificate of clearance. (Jor.Gor.10)


It can be negotiable of  recruitment  fee, however, the following item of expenses are necessary for
working procedure in Thailand as follows:
-  Advertising of recruitment
-  Passport processing fee
-  Physical examination
-  Visa fee
-  Domestic transportation
-  Airport tax


The Employer will provide ticket from country of employment back to country of origin after
completion of employment contract.